Our Mission

Our mission is to support new and aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their passion of entrepreneurship despite everyday obstacles. We achieve this support through the use of motivation, education, and empowerment. We help individuals achieve personal and business growth through monthly workshops, group and one-on-one support, as well as affordable open networking seminars. ​


Improve our minds through think tanks, book clubs, speakers and more.


Lift up each other with our Self Care Events and our exclusive Facebook Group.


Strategize with other members and take advantage of each other’s talents and gifts.


Meet Starr Claiborne

Lead Empowers Founder

We help women achieve more!

Request your membership to join our dynamic, impressive group of noncompetitive women today! 

In addition to our membership, LEAD Empowers offers à la carte services. One of these options will be right for you!

Our members benefit by:

Collaborating, Networking, Sharing, Learning, Connecting and Much More! 


Our workshops focus on various areas of business. We target different areas from networking to comfort, creating a new you, work/life balance, Self-Motivation and more.


Networking Meetings

Virtual for the working mom and busy connectors! BE MOM & BE BOSS! We offer a virtual platform that goes beyond a speaker. Our engagement within allows you to truly connect with others in the virtual session and take away some valuable information and connections to follow-up.  

Accountability and Coaching

Our member-to-member Accountability Partnership program offers the opportunity to have a true, honest and reliable accountability partner. Training is provided prior to partnership and with this partnership, you will find more productivity in your daily journey to success!


Think Tanks

Obstacles? Challenges? Our Virtual Think Tank is your platform to bring it all to the discussion. Allow others to support you with answers from their own experience, as well as suggestions. Also, use this opportunity to survey a new product or service.


Raving Fans!

  • I can't say enough about Sabrina "Starr" Claiborne and her foundation! It's a great organization to be involved with and I highly recommend for inspiring entrepreneurs, women and men alike, to check it out. It's a great platform to just "Be Yourself" and grow both personally and professionally.

    Ires Alliston
    Ires Alliston
  • Great advice, I was motivated to move forward.

    Lakiesha Louis
    Lakiesha Louis
  • An amazing organization dedicated to help women like myself succeed in business, connections and networking. Monthly meetings are well worth it. I'm coming back!

    Cristina Chavez
    Cristina Chavez
  • I had the opportunity to sit in a LEAD event here in Orlando and it has truly inspired me. ​I'm ready to conquer and dominate. Thank you.

    Vernique Russell
    Vernique Russell
  • ​Through L.E.A.D. I have made some wonderful friends as well as some amazing connections that have really helped my business as well as helped me on a more personal level. I love how they are so welcoming and there is so much to learn every time I am with them. I am so grateful that I found L.E.A.D. and hope to remain a part of the organization for many years to come.

    Lindsey Nolan, NCTMB
    Lindsey Nolan, NCTMB
  • I've attended and volunteered at several L.E.A.D. Events. I gained a lot of information personally from the financial industry professionals. The high energy social gatherings are always very informative.

    Sukoya Mesquita
  • Hi to all. I'm very excited about LEAD. It's a awesome group to be in to help inspire others. The motivation and creativity has driven me to not stop and I won't stop... Thank you all for encouraging me God bless you all !!!! Also met really good people as well ...

    Kahlil Breezy
    Kahlil Breezy

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