Membership in LEAD Empowers is…

joining a group of supportive women that have been just where you are. We support each other and hold each other accountable.

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This organization started from knowing that others wanted and needed a way to enhance their entrepreneurial and personal development skills, and needed a positive atmosphere to do so. The Founder, Starr Claiborne began to encounter women who wanted something – their own business and their own freedom. However, the “How” just didn’t exist to them and the obstacle course of life continued to happen. After realizing that the connection of the few women brought together to start this group formed bonds beyond her imagination, she knew it was now time to build a sisterhood of women who wanted to be empowered and feel like the shining star they are. It was time to fulfill her purpose of motivating others through the obstacle course and growing the person and business they have in themselves.

LEAD Empowers has become a platform of education for new and aspiring women start-up business owners who have the desire to push a dream or passion, but have not found the idea to get the cash flow moving.

It has become a platform to just “BE YOURSELF” and continue to grow your personal development, as well as your business – because it starts with YOU! But more importantly, it has become a platform of motivating, inspiring, building, connecting, teaching, learning, and giving back.

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Meet Starr Claiborne – Founder of Lead Empowers 



Join with us as we take our businesses to the next level with networking, education and supporting each other’s beliefs and desires.



LEAD Empowers not only empowers each of us to greater heights, but we also give back – through time and experience to help those that might need a hand or two.



Our members work in the community to provide workshops to help motivate our youth. We want to encourage them to push through and learn that their future is wide open!

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