Starr Claiborne is a Certified Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist and founder of LEAD Empowers, an organization which supports and develops new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

She has over 14 years in management and leadership experience and is an active volunteer with Haven Atlanta, a non-profit organization which assists victims of commercial sexual exploitation. She has been recognized as a “Power Mom” through TDR Brands International, featured as the ‘Meet Your Knead’ business spotlight with Posh Pastries Atlanta, as well as been recognized in the SHEBlaze Campaign launched by Mamahustle & Co.

With her love to help others, she assists individuals in the journey to become self-reliant and reach higher levels of self-confidence. She achieves this through goal setting, self-motivation and accountability techniques and training; as well as entrepreneur workshops.

With an extreme passion for the youth, her leadership skills have proven results with the students in her community through mentoring as an advocate of entrepreneurship.

For new and aspiring entrepreneurs and youth, Starr Claiborne is the visionary dreamer, creator, inspirer and motivator!

Starr’s Why

We often find that we have all of these talents, dreams and passion, but not sure how to turn all of it into extra income and freedom. I wanted freedom. Freedom to spend more time with my family and freedom to make a difference in another person’s life. I wanted to be able to introduce entrepreneurship as an option and create a platform for women to be able to support and collaborate with one another.

Why create an organization like LEAD? For me it was about creating a group of non-competitive women who are willing and able to motivate others and help them find their passion and purpose. We push each other to keep going despite all obstacles.

This organization is not just about career and entrepreneurship. It is about motivating and building connections in your personal life as well. I am excited to help you create and build upon your purpose and passions! The tools provided will help you become a better YOU and build your own dream instead of helping someone else build theirs.

What is your why? ​​