Terms and Conditions

of membership

As a member of LEAD Empowers, you are required to:

  1. Be respectful of all other members, ambassadors and their ideas.
  2. Attend monthly open networking seminars. The seminars are designed to assist in your growth by educating and connecting you with other successful small business owners. (You forfeit your membership, without refund, for lack of presence – for missing more than two seminars)
  3. Attend the exclusive “Members Only” Virtual Empowerment Book Club (plus one guest per month).
  4. Attend monthly “Members Only” Virtual Think Tank (plus one guest per month).
  5. Focus on collaborating with other members and ambassadors; not competing.
  6. Maintain a positive attitude. At no time will negative thoughts or criticism be allowed.
  7. Participate in all fundraising activities.
  8. Maintain a professional image inside and outside of the group. This includes your social media, your attitude and your physical appearance.
  9. Encourage others to become a member of our organization, LEAD Empowers.
  10. Choose a support member to be your Accountability Partner (optional.)
  11. Provide a headshot photo (optional).
  12. Read and sign a photo/video release form. It is imperative that you understand that your photo may be used on websites, as well as other social media and web presence.
  13. Share events and the LEAD Empowers group on your own website and all social media channels on your assigned day; display logo and/or link on your website and social media page(s).

** We accept each member for their willingness and determination to grow in their personal and/or business development. Your participation is extremely imperative to the your success. If you can not maintain an active status according to the terms and conditions listed, your membership can be forfeited at any time without refund. We are here to grow, support and push each other.